Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Company (Arab Insurance)

The journey started with a clear vision and a long term intention; establish and operate a unique insurance provider that would bring to the region innovative, outstanding risk solutions, keeping the company at the forefront of the industry.

In the year 1981, far sighted businessmen from across the region started implementing the vision through launching Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Co. (Arab Insurance) as a Jordanian public shareholding company licensed by the Jordan Insurance Regulation Commissioner to underwrite all classes of insurance being Life, Health & General including Credit Insurance.

Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Company enjoys strong stability and a culture of excellence which, along the years, gained the trust and the respect of global firms appointing it as the preferred service partner in Jordan.

With a bold, active and experienced team of executives, we appreciate the different lifestyles of our clients and understand the concerns of business enterprises. We respect the ever changing risks they face and continuously innovate with our insurance solutions to meet their demands.

It is our mission to protect the lifestyles of our clients by providing them with the necessary insurance coverage, while nurturing the expectation of our stakeholders and the community that surrounds us.

Since our establishment, we have been aiming at establishing lifelong relationships with our clients.

Therefore we aspire to refer to them as friends. The name comes from the intention of creating a partnership whereby we provide our services in return for their trust. We consider ourselves as part of their daily life; working together in order to guide and protect their needs and be supported to fulfill their indemnity.

The “means a lot” tagline, aims to capture the powerful combination of talent, innovation and differentiation at Arab Life & Accidents Insurance Co., emphasizing its commitment to advancing progress and inspiring our clients to do the same.

Associated Companies

• Burgan Insurance (Beirut - Lebanon)
• Iraq International Insurance Co. (Baghdad - Iraq)