MediaScope is proud to announce that it will be publishing the second edition of Who’s Who in Jordan’s Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, in February 2017.

This follows the success of its first edition (dated 2015/2016). The publication, also available as a website, aims to provide a neat and comprehensive directory, in a new and modern format, covering this vibrant and crucial economic sector.

Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Services Companies participate in this book and website by reserving a Profile (a two-page spread) which includes profile text, summarized facts and gores, product/service details and logos, group company logos, key indicators and performance information; in addition to photos/names/titles of board members or key persons.
(Here are the Profiles from the 2015/2016 edition)

Participants may also reserve Advertising pages in this publication.
(Here are the Advertisements from the 2015/2016 edition)

Eight Thousand copies of Who's Who in Jordan’s Banking, Insurance & Financial Services 2017 will be published and distributed free of charge; as part of a comprehensive distribution plan with the Association of Banks in Jordan, the Jordan Insurance Federation and other relevant professional societies at local, regional and international events.

Copies are also be sent to the economic departments in Jordanian Embassies abroad, and to investment promotion and export development organizations for distribution (ex. Jordan Investment Board, Jordan Export Development Corp., … etc). It is also be delivered to the CEOs and General Managers of Jordan’s top companies in all major sectors, in addition to a VIP list of decision makers in Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.

MediaScope will deliver a professionally produced and widely distributed publication, building on its years of previous successful publications in the Who’s Who Series for sectors including Information & Communication Technology, Advertising & Media and Real Estate; in addition to recently a recently launched publication for the Energy, Water & Environment sector.


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